Dear friends,

It is with great honour and conviction I am the Conservative Party Candidate for New-Westminster - Burnaby. I do not solely want to be your Candidate; I want to be your Member of Parliament. But to get there, I need your help.

Born and bred in BC, I am a proud resident of New Westminster. I have been active in my community, working and living in New West and North Burnaby since 2009.

I am poised and ready to fight for our community's beliefs and values in the House of Commons. As your Candidate and future MP I will engage you, the community members; I will celebrate the cultural diversity that makes NWB unique and I will deliver on promises. Credibility and accountability go hand in hand and I believe there is a time in every persons life when one must step up for one’s values, neighbours, and community.

It is my time to demonstrate my abilities and rally support for you, for our cause, for our community.

I cannot do this alone. I need your support! I encourage you to join the party and get involved. There will be a nomination contest where your votes will decide who becomes your Candidate. It is your right to attend the Nomination Meeting and I highly encourage you to do so; the date and time of this meeting will be announced when the Nomination has been officially called.

Your support and involvement is essential to our success this coming election. It is my duty to show you the value in this process. It is my honour to show you how your individual contribution, no matter how small, can make a BIG difference.

I affirm that I will be accessible to you; I will be in the grocery store, on the board walk, at local events and around the community talking and listening to you.

I am committed to becoming your Candidate and your future MP for New Westminster - Burnaby. This is the time for us to come together and be the change we have craved for so long.

Join me. Vote Chloé Ellis. Because together, we can make a difference.

Kind regards,

Chloé J. Ellis
Your CPC Candidate for New Westminster - Burnaby

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